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The Dojo Origins in Eugene, OR

The Dojo Origins in Eugene, OR


Curriculum Overview

The true focus of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do is to instill people with strong character, morals and discipline. Moral, intellectual and physical training combine as one to encourage positive development of the human spirit.

Through karate training, a student will learn to focus and apply the power of the mind. Students develop qualities centered on courage, morality, resolve and responsibility. These are facets of human character necessary for the development of humankind and which contribute to the health of society as a whole. In our everyday training, the karate practitioner strives to improve both mind and body. All people irrespective of race, age or gender are welcome.

This is what is meant by karate-do. This is what we practice. This is what we teach.


Personal Focus


Respect for Self     

Respect for Others





Goal Setting     


Physical Focus


Basic Conditioning

Strength Training

Speed Training

Flexibility Training

Endurance Training


Technical Focus


Kihon: Basic movement, body position, stance, punch, block, kick, throw etc.

Kata: Pre-set sequence of techniques containing the secrets of karate

Bunkai: Applications of kata movement

Kumite: Sparring for training, applications, and self-defense

Hojo Undo: Supplemental training with traditional Okinawan/Chinese equipment



Your Instructors

Sensei Robert E. Ellis

  • Personal Student of Higaonna Morio, Founder and Chief Instructor of the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation

  • Certified IOGKF Senior Instructor

  • Member Executive Committee IOGKF-USA

  • Member National Grading Board IOGKF-USA

Sensei Ellis began karate training in 1963, while still a high school student in New York. Early training also included Judo, Kendo and Zen with Sakiyama Roshi a former student of Miyagi Chojun Sensei. Following discharge from the Marine Corps, Ellis entered the PhD Japanese history program at the University of Oregon In 1973, Ellis went to Tokyo to study with Higaonna Sensei as one of the first westerners at the now famous Yoyogi dojo. Concurrently, he enrolled at Waseda University to continue his academic studies. Upon returning to the US, Ellis started his own dojo and for the next 20 years headed the University of Oregon club sports karate program and taught karate while on faculty in the Physical Education Department. Ellis lives with his wife and son in Portland, Oregon where he teaches. His daughter attends law school in London, England. Ellis is a former technology executive having spent most of his career in the defense industry. Ellis Sensei's new dojo SEISHINKAN, named in honor of his teacher, means "the school where we develop the spirit of Morio Sensei."

Assistant Instructor: Harry M. Dinihanian, 5th Degree Black Belt

Harry began practicing Karate in 1973 under Sensei Ellis, while pursuing his architectural degree at the University of Oregon. Following graduation with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1976, he competed in both regional and national level tournaments in both kumite and kata events. He opened the Portland dojo over twenty years ago, has attended numerous seminars and gasshuku and has continued to teach since that time. Harry has been a Portland native all his life where he raised his family and fulfilled his career goal of practicing architecture. He presently works for an international firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon, designing facilities for the high-tech electronics industry around the world and is licensed in multiple states. He is blessed with three sons, Devin, Nathan, and Adam.

Assistant Instructor: Ricardo C. Olalde, 5th Degree Black Belt

Ricardo began his formal Karate training in 1970 as a 14-year-old Junior High School student. Following undergraduate studies at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, Ricardo came to the United States in1980 to pursue his education at the University of Oregon and continue his practice of Martial Arts. In 1985, he began his training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu under Sensei Ellis. Ricardo is a Ph.D. candidate in Criminology, at the University of Oregon. He has spent 20 years working in the field of Addiction Counseling, as a professional consultant to Oregon's Office of Mental Health & Addiction Services, and to the Oregon Department of Corrections, He is currently president of MultiCultural Consultants and the Executive Director of the Freedom & Recovery Program at the Oregon State Correctional Institution. He lives happily with his wife and two children in Salem, Oregon.


Come and join us at the dojo today - Schedule a visit here!